Why spend your limited time, money and effort treating, mowing and trimming grass when a permanent replacement is available in the form of artificial grass. Artificial turf looks like real grass, requires minimal maintenance and stands the test of time.

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Premium Artificial Turf Installation for Lush, Low-Maintenance Lawns

Are you tired of having to mow your lawn every weekend, spending money and time on weed killers, instead of enjoying your free time relaxing your in your Atlanta garden?

Artificial grass landscaping is a new alternative method of having green spaces all year round, without maintenance, harmful pesticides and chemicals.

Our residential synthetic grass Atlanta is soft to walk on and it looks great any time of the day, irrespectively of the season. It can be installed anywhere in any shape and size. It blends seamlessly with existing landscaping such as bushes, trees and flowers and adds a safe play area for your kids and pets.

Our artificial grass is easy to clean, requiring blowing off debris and it provides excellent drainage, eliminating puddles for a mud free play area.

Artificial grass is also a great edition for anyone living in Atlanta's high rise condominiums and multi-level homes.

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Benefits of artificial turf

Lifestyle Turf

Say goodbye to garden pests and lawn maintenance, and hello to a lawn that stays green all year round. With our weed barrier installation, you can say goodbye to all unwanted weeds, coming through your new turf.
Artificial grass decreases exposure to outdoor allergens, the need of fertilizers, pesticides or excessive water consumption.

Dog Friendly

Say goodbye to muddy holes, dirty paws tracks inside the house and daily maintenance. Our fake grass is non-toxic, allergy, ticks and fleas free. It is soft, yet durable and resilient.
It doesn't get stained or faded from pet urine and is incredible easy to clean, by just hosing it down. Your dog won't be able to dig or kill the grass either.

Playgrounds and Schools

Artificial turf for playgrounds and daycares is soft and safe for kids meeting HIC and ASTM standards. It doesn't contain pesticides, fertilizers or harmful chemicals. Artificial Turf has superior drainage and minimal maintenance is required. With extra impact-absorbing padding added beneath the turf, the playground will be a soft and safe for the running and jumping.

Sports Turf

Synthetic turf for sports areas stays always clean, while providing a barrier for weeds and insects. It always dries quickly thanks to its superior drainage. You can say goodbye to cleaning mud stains on your kids' clothing or muddy feet or tracked-in grass clippings from your patio or home.

Transform Your Lawn with Synthetic Grass

Are you looking for a beautiful and low-maintenance alternative to natural grass? Consider a synthetic lawn from Collins Landscaping Group! Our team of experts is experienced in designing and installing top-quality artificial grass installations that look and feel just like the real thing. So say goodbye to mowing, watering, and weeding - with our synthetic turf installation, you'll enjoy a lush, green lawn all year round without any of the hassles. In addition, we offer competitive pricing based on the square foot, making it an affordable option for anyone looking for artificial grass costs for a low-maintenance lawn solution. And if you're a golf enthusiast, we can even create a custom golf green that's perfect for practicing your swing. So don't wait - contact us today to learn more about our artificial grass installation services!

Pet friendly artificial grass in Atlanta

Pet Artificial Grass

In Atlanta, pet owners are increasingly turning to pet artificial grass to create a dog-friendly and pet-safe environment in their yards. This innovative solution offers a perfect alternative to natural lawns, providing a durable, low-maintenance surface ideal for pets.

Whether you're designing a dog park or simply looking for an artificial lawn for pets, our pet-friendly option ensures that your furry friends can play and relax comfortably.

Installing artificial grass with a dog in mind means choosing resilient and safe materials. These offer a pet-safe surface that can withstand heavy use while maintaining a lush, green appearance.

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Commercial Artificial Turf Atlanta

If you would like a green all year round surface, that doesn't take half of your maintenance budge, look no further than artificial turf.

At Collins Landscaping Group we specialize in the installation of synthetic grass in Atlanta's conference centers, hotels and resorts, pet care facilities, medical facilities, big box retail stores, office landscaping, playgrounds and schools, sports fields and more.

Artificial turf can save you money in many ways from watering the lawn to buying lawn maintenance equipment. With minimum amount of maintenance, artificial commercial lawn can look well-groomed all the time, creating an inviting spaces for your clients and staff.

Artificial commercial grass is extremely versatile. At Collins Landscaping Group, we tailor the installation to your vision of picture perfect lawn, with no details left behind.

As a cost-effective, durable material, it is ideal for all sorts of commercial uses. Fake grass will not attract insects or rodents, doesn't require the use of toxic herbicides, pesticides or anti-fundal chemicals, making it non-toxic and safe for people and their pets.

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Commercial Artificial Turf Atlanta
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Artificial Turf Project With Putting Green

Artificial Putting Green Installation Atlanta

If you love playing golf, but you don't have the time to visit the golf course, at Collins Landscaping Group, we've have the soluton for you.

We can transform your Atlanta's backyard or business exterior/interior with a high quality artificial grass putting green, to allow you to practice your bump and run.

Our artificial grass mimics the look and feel of a course quality green. We install every from high-grade products to casual family friendly putting surfaces for everyone to enjoy.

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Just 3 step to your dream artificial grass

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Our step-by-step turf installation

At Collins Landscaping Group we have the tools and the experience to instal your artificial grass quickly and efficiently, while keeping you informed at every stage.


Excavation & Base Preparation

We start by removing several inches of existing soil, weeds, grass or substances above ground. We can cap sprinklers upon request, as your artificial turf will not require hydration. We finish the base preparation with compacting the base thoroughly to eliminate air gaps and provide long-term stability.

Laying Out Turf & Edging

Install edging wherever necessary for the optimal flow of water away from your Atlanta home. We then roll the turf away from main viewing area for optimum look.

Custom Fitting Edges

Once the turf is rolled we trim it to fit the specified areas. We join each section of turf using U-nails, seaming tape and glue. We use artificial turf nails to secure the turf along the edges.

Apply Infill

We use envirofill, to help weigh down the turf and create anti-microbial barrier, with a long-lasting odor and heat protection.

Final Groom

The final step is to power broom the turf to force the infill granules into the base of the turf and helps the blades of turf stand up looking like a freshly mowed lawn.

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